Women Rock!

Today is International Women’s Day. And somehow I still find reasons to be like “WHAT?” However I am going to override my Pluto in virgo in the third house and be positive. Women Rock! You may ask yourself “And when is this going to begin?” “Now” I say. “Ah Ahhh AH…. I love being a …

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Talken bout my New Years Revealation

So my friends, who are just figments of my imaginational simulation, I have to putter on regardless of a point. Pointlessness is the most rewarding quality. As a painter, I find painting so much more difficult to meander pointlessly. As there is no little green smily face to lure me out of my hum drum brain and into the steam of consciousness.

Ah Grasshopper

The strange thing about today is that it was no different from any other day, until it was.  It seemed like it was a dream that I woke into rather than woke out of.  The wind was blowing in the trees. The water was flowing in the creek.  And I realized that I was Truman.  …

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