Full moon ritual finding wholeness

The extraordinary quest, the adventure awaits

I woke up with idea that being a grumpy dog is more comfortable than enjoying a meaningless life. For me that is. Somehow instead of heading toward an extraordinary life I have found myself settling and hiding. This ends today

The reality of the simulation I have been in reeks of mediocrity and has never reflected what I thought I was here to be. While I would never admit this before today, I want to be extraordinary and I always have. I want to make a difference in the world for the better. I want to inspire people to go for what they want. By being exactly who I am, warts and all.

Truthfully I do not want to be a guide, I just want to inspire. To make money from creating something that inspires people beyond their self imposed limitations. Every time I consider that I could reach this goal, my brain explodes. I actually see brain matter, blood and skull dripping off the walls.

At which point I stare into the abyss of my own self imposed limitations. How do I inspire anyone when I cannot seem to find my own bliss. When stated in my own limited belief system is the choice between a grumpy dog or meaninglessness. And that is the answer. I have to add another choice in my subconscious, where all my actions and thoughts stem from.

I could say this is the easy or hard part but the truth is, this is the adventure. This my friend, is the quest. The Goliath. The point of mutation. The butterfly. Picturing my first flight, wings outstretched, dancing gracefully in the open air is the first step. And dying in my cocoon has been difficult. I am a survivor and I do not give in easily. While I know all the limitations are self imposed, I do not have the help of Morpheus or Trinity. I am alone. Or am I?

And then my mind drifts to another timeline where I was a drunk in a hotel room writing from the most injured part of myself and people ate it up. Why is suffering so damn interesting? Are we guided to our least powerful outcome on purpose. Or is suffering and powerlessness all we have known. Join the quest. The adventure! Follow your dreams.

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