looking for grace and ease with a swat team.

Calling Grace and Ease,

Will you please step forward. Grace and Ease please come to the front of the line. Please bring two forms of identification and proof that you are alive. We require one pint of red blood to make sure you were born from a human. This is not a joke, we need to make sure you are the real Grace and Ease, as we do not know you.

“Hi! We are here to check in, we are Grace and Ease.” As I said these words I heard the sirens and the swat team surround us. Ease looked at me with fear in her eyes. A man dressed in body armor, a helmet and eyewear yelled “Which one of you is Grace?” “We need to know which one of you is Grace?” I was unsure whether to tell them as I could see the panic in Ease growing, so I asked. “Why do you need to know?”

That is when they jumped on us. Threw us face down on the ground. Handcuffed our hands behind our backs. “That is none of your business. Now tell us which one of you is Grace?” I looked at Ease. Her lip was bleeding as she gave me the look that meant silence.

Grace and Ease were face down on the floor in hand cuffs.

There were at least 30 swat team members surrounding us with guns pointing at our heads. One of the men began to question if this harsh treatment was necessary? “Hey Joe, I don’t think these two women need to be treated like this. What’s up?”

“Shut up, Bob! You have no idea how long we have been trying to capture Grace and Ease. They have been on the run for over 50 years and we are not letting them get away. Hell no, we are going to use any means necessary to keep them this time.”

“But They look so innocent and sweet.” Said another swat team member. “Yes, that is how they continue to break free. Somehow no matter how many guards, handcuffs and locks on the prison gates we have, they still find a way to sneak away. We have them now! HA HA! WE HAVE THEM NOW”

At that moment there was a brilliant light that blinded all the swat team members. When they were finally able to see again, they saw that Grace and Ease had disappeared again. The captain blubbered “I can never keep Grace and Ease but I will never give up.” Never. Never.

Bring a little Grace and Ease today with a small contribution of $3.00 or more. You are appreciated just for reading these words. May you have a lot of Grace and Ease in your life. Thank you!

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