“Grace Jones- The comic hero” A new Amalee Original Painting

Grace Jones-A painting of comic hero, showing us how to be ourselves and save our world.

At that moment I was considering my options. I saw her off in the distance. While I couldn’t work out simple problems , I could simply see the answer to complex ones. Granted it never came when I needed it, but fell upon me like rain.

In a different mood, I drew my feet on a pedestal. The right foot is severed. At the ankle as thorny brambles grow. Frida forms in the splashes of cold crisp memory. On the sidewalk, I saw her face, for instance.

Hiding was not an option. Although I spent my youth trying. Some of us are endowed with sparklers. Wanted or not, we cannot hide. Sometimes hiding in plain view is easier. Boo I am here.

Radly do I like that I cannot hide. Flashy is a costume I wear. What is yours?

About this painting of Grace Jones.

I combined two images: the two images were Grace Jones Photo shoot for a motor scooter and A great photo of Grace Jones. She is so beautiful, eclectic and amazing.

I used a night city scene from Tokyo as the background. Her suit coat is made from colors and a pattern I have used on several of my paintings: “David Bowie-The Man Who Fell to Earth” , “Angela Davis” and “Bauhaus- Peter Murphy. (which I will post about soon.)

I love to paint which uses a completely different part of my brain then promoting my paintings. I have put in the hours as a painter required by Malcolm Gladwell, however self promotion is torturous. It is time I put myself in front of the world, so here I am.

I enjoy your comments, however I get mostly spam so I do not publish them. I have yet to figure out how to put the protections to keep out the bots. So as soon as I do I will allow comments. Thank you! I hope you enjoy my work.

I am hoping to add more products soon! I always or would like to experience a donation. Have a wonderful day and I hope to post more work soon!

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