“Angela”-A new Amalee Original!

"Angee" the most phenomenal human alive today!
“Angela” Who knew paint on wood could be so beautiful!






“Angela” a new Amalee Orginal.

The one thing I can say about “Angela” my new painting, is that it is of the most phenomenal human being who is alive today.  I think of “Angela” as having the quintessential sole of the United States.  At this point I should probably tell you who “Angela” is, however that would not satisfy me.  I believe my audience knows who “Angela” is, and therefore I can just celebrate the wood and paint.  Or am I just a chicken who is afraid to be a white artist portraying one of the most amazing humans who is black.
There is a good reason for this chickification.    I am going to bring up a conversation I had yesterday with a friend after showing her the image.  In this conversation I told her I was sad because “Angela” did not get into a show I entered the painting in.  She said “Well its kinda controversial that you are white, I mean what about black artists.”  On the one hand I completely understand this when I look at our culture.  I think about black musicians influence on music as compared to the amount of money some of the greats received for their talent. The perfect example is Leadbelly, who made modest money as a jazz musician but his influence on popular music is outstanding.   Kurt Cobain often often gave tribute to Leadbelly”s influence on him.
While I do not want to underestimate white privilege, because it is clearly an intrinsic part of our culture. I want to paint humans I think are outstanding regardless of “our temporary age, race and gender assignments”.  I am quoting  Carolyn Casey of the Visionary Activist Show on K.P.F.A.  “Angee” is based on a human who is literally my pick for one of the most phenomenal human alive today.  So I am downplaying the political and social issues and focusing on the paint, wood and texture
I used the last large piece of wood that I found at my dumpster.  My fairy goddess dumpster provided me with a bunch of great wood for painting.  I have often pondered my fairy goddess dumpster and how I manifest things from it. This wood was the best, it was in large pieces and had the most amazing texture.  I love texture.

This painting celebrates the texture.  Not only in her face where it adds depth both emotionally and dimensionally, but in her hair.  Where I accentuated the grain of the wood by drawing bits of it.  I find myself in awe of myself when I just enjoy the beauty of this painting.

The only problem when finishing a painting like this is starting another piece.  Luckily I now do live painting every Saturday at Spressa coffee Bar in San Francisco, which takes the pressure off creating.  It was extremely uncomfortable at first too, but after two months it has become more enjoyable.

I have also fallen in love with the paint pens.  I used them to create the background with the gold, yellow and black.  While painting “Angela” I was listening to Terrance McKenna on youtube.  There was this beautiful visual on that video that particular day.   I was inspired by it and kinda based the circular spirals on that image.  However since that day, I have not been able to find that video.  It is as if it was only there that day or was it a dream.

I have begun to glimpse a self confidence that I am an artist, a person and a soul.  I do not just take up space, I actively interact with creating my reality.   While I have heard this several thousand times, I am enjoying the glimpse of understanding.  While I have not figured out exactly how I have begun to glimpse, I think it has to do with confidence.  Confidence to be myself as an artist and as a person.

I will have new products of “Angela” available soon.  I am beginning to realize I need to make original art products that are art in and of themselves.  While I am still pondering how to do this, you can purchase art tiles online, at Spressa Coffee Bar, and Wonderland in San Francisco.

“Angela” the Amalee Original will be on display at Spressa Coffee Bar starting May 8th, 2018.  The reception for this show is May 10th, 2018 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.. Come check my new work and buy or win some handmade products.   There will be a raffle, You might win a small art tile, a large art tile, or a 12″ X12″ giclee print of your choice.