“Cash”, “Janis” and “Prince” Amalee originals now on display at PianoFight.

Check out the Amalee Originals at PianoFight in San Francisco, now until March 8, 2018.

“Prince” an Amalee Original
“cash” An Amalee Original

These Amalee Original paintings are now on display at PianoFlight in the Tenderlion of San Francisco until March 8th, 2018.

It is difficult to be a woman artist because it has always been difficult to play by the linear rules of the art world.  The question I have to ask myself every time I write a kinda cray cray post is “is this professional?” My true answer to this question is “yes, and no!”  While I do not want to overstep the professional boundaries of the different venues I apply to show my art at, I would like to be thought provoking. I would like to question everything I question in my own life.

I believe there is a middle road, where I can say everything that comes into my brain, however profesionalize it.  I see a puzzled look on your face. Consider subscription. Yes, it is the perfect answer to all my hopes and dreams. I get to ramble on about life, paint and reality, and yet stay professional on my website. To get the complete ramblings of my brain you will have to subscribe. So I need to figure out how to do set it up and wah-la, we have a perfect system.

After visiting PianoFight, please purchase these handmade art tiles: “Cash”, “Prince” and “Janis”.

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