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“Angee”-A new Amalee Original!

"Angee" the most phenomenal human alive today!

“Angee” Who knew paint on wood could be so beautiful!

“Angee” a new Amalee Orginal.

 I would love to say something so profound about “Angee”, that would literarily knock your socks off. Mostly because it is a great image of all these barefoot people scratching their heads, with socks flying about. Maybe you have to be an artist to imagine this kind of scene or just be inspired by one.
The one thing I can say about “Angee” my new painting, is that it is of the most phenomenal human being who is alive today.  I think of “Angee” as having the quintessential sole of the United States.  At this point I should probably tell you who “Angee” is, however that would not satisfy me.  I believe my audience knows who “Angee” is, and therefore I can just celebrate the wood and paint.

I used the last large piece of wood that I found at my dumpster.  My fairy goddess dumpster provided me with a bunch of great wood for painting.  I have often pondered my fairy goddess dumpster and how I manifest things from it. This wood was the best, it was in large pieces and had the most amazing texture.  I love texture.

This painting celebrates the texture.  Not only in her face where it adds depth both emotionally and dimensionally, but in her hair.  Where I accentuated the grain of the wood by drawing bits of it.  I find myself in awe of myself when I just enjoy the beauty of this painting.

The only problem when finishing a painting like this is starting another piece.  Luckily I now do live painting every Saturday at Spressa coffee Bar in San Francisco, which takes the pressure off creating.  It was extremely uncomfortable at first too, but after two months it has become more enjoyable.

I have also fallen in love with the paint pens.  I used them to create the background with the gold, yellow and black.  While painting “Angee” I was listening to Terrance McKenna on youtube.  There was this beautiful visual on that video that particular day.   I was inspired by it and kinda based the circular spirals on that image.  However since that day, I have not been able to find that video.  It is as if it was only there that day or was it a dream.

I have begun to glimpse a self confidence that I am an artist, a person and a sole.  I do not just take up space, I actively interact with creating my reality.   While I have heard this several thousand times, I am enjoying the glimpse of understanding.  While I have not figured out exactly how I have begun to glimpse, I think it has to do with confidence.  Confidence to be myself as an artist and as a person.

I will have new products of “Angee” available soon.  I am beginning to realize I need to make original art products that are art in and of themselves.  While I am still pondering how to do this, you can purchase art tiles online, at Spressa Coffee Bar, and Wonderland.


“The Kiss, Hotel Rawanda” an Amalee Original

"The Kiss, Hotel Rawanda" An amalee original

“The Kiss, Hotel Rawanda”
An amalee original

A beautiful Amalee Orignal “The Kiss, Hotel Rawanda”

I started this painting when Donald Trump supposedly won the 2016 U.S.  presidential election.  I was in shock that enough people in the United States of America supposedly voted for a racist, sexist, homophobic hater that it soothed me to paint a love scene from the movie Hotel Rawanda. The idea that jumping off a roof with your children was better than your children seeing you killed by the militia seemed fitting to idea of Donald Trump as president.

Plus I love the colors in his skin. While I painted this painting, I had to face one of my biggest and most familiar personal demons. The demon of being not myself. Recently I realized that I have always depended on the people around me to set the parameter that I adapt to.  Art was the one place I could be who I am, until I became a professional artist.

I use to paint “the rebellion” of everything I held in to fit into the acceptable parameter.   For the past few years I have tried to do crafts of my work and make my work more appealing.  While painting this painting I faced my pleaser and rebeller, and kicked their asses. Or at least I won a battle. It is a strange thought that there is ground between pleasing and rebelling and its called being. Wow it is kinda mind blowing to be.