David Bowie-the man who fell to earth: Great new painting by Isa Amalee

The man who fell into a Klimt painting…An Amalee original

Great new Amalee orginal of David Bowie-The man who fell to earth. Captures the androgynous intensity of a futuristic man of the past.

I relate to the idea of falling to earth from another planet as a woman, and Bowie captures my sole. While I might not remember my home planet, I find earth intriguing and mesmerizing.  I do not understand many aspects and while in the past I have possibly smugly judged  this. And at the same time have felt judged for not fitting in internally. The truth is I have learned that the true evil is judgement.  Allowing myself to be who I am is probably the deepest most important thing I can do.

While it is easy to judge intolerance in others facing my own intolerance is more difficult. Today I went to the mall, I have always disliked malls because they are so overwhelming. Today I faced my fears and went into all the shops. Usually I would hit all the less expensive shops because I felt like I do not have enough money to go to the more expensive shops.  I have never felt good about having money because of the massive paradox of poverty.   I thought money was bad.  People who had money were greedy but that is not true. Money has nothing to do with greed and selfishness. I think as a poor person I have probably been more selfish than my childhood friend who has always strived to have money.

However somewhere in that statement is the paradox of where my distrust of people with money come from.  She used every opportunity to put me down for not having money to be less selfish with. And there again is the problem of facing the idea of people with money as opposed to the people I knew with money.  Money is not the culprit, it is the judgement around money that is the problem.  My own judgement that I was a “freeloader” and a “moocher”, and my judgement of her as a “bully” and a “stingy” person seems to be the problem. Money has absolutely nothing to do with good or bad, despite what we are taught. The key is realizing this.

Granted not having money has taught me things about self worth, and ideas about my own self worth. So today while I was looking for a new bag I went into every shop. I found my favorite bag at Nortroms, I asked the sales clerk the price and it was $295.00.   $295.00 was out of my mental sphere and my price range. The question is why?  I pay for what I get. A $20.00 mass produced bag made by people getting $1.00 an hour at Target, or a designer bag hopefully made by somebody getting a living wage.  Would Bowie buy that bag? I think he would because he had style, self worth and money.

The thing I love about David Bowie is his style, his intelligence and his need to be exactly who he was.  He was so beautiful and so gender ambiguous. He captured beauty, femininity, masculinity and compete creativity.  It seems he did not let limiting ideas get in the way of his creating.  He went for the idea beneath the limits of judgements. He was amazing!  And he definitely would have bought the bag.

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