I woke up in an Orwellian 2022, and I want out

So the day started like any other until it didn’t. Sometimes I wake up in the same bed, with cloths scattered, and it looks pretty similar to my life. However looking back at the last 4 years something changed. While it appeared to be the same, I somehow ended up in the modern day Orwellian 2022.

Possibly I have always been a character of George Orwell, but I have never done, been seen or noticed enough to finish my story. I was the start of an idea and I have sat on the shelve until the year 2019. That was the year both my parents died and I was left with no karma to repay or receive.

It was a stark world of new decisions, realizations. I no longer had to put up with people who bugged me. The pandemic helped with that. It was super easy to decline gatherings that in my past I would force myself to go to. Mostly for my parents, as they had this thing about creating a family that got along. So the pandemic saved me from wearing many of my old masks and replaced them with real face masks.

The pandemic is where George found me interesting enough to finish or at least add a few chapters. The first time standing on an X, marking 6 feet from other customers in the grocery store line, with a fabric mask covering my face was surreal. It was a strange and yet interesting way to wake me up. Not being able to just do my day on auto-pilot was awkward. At first it was lonely but as I started to fear less, I started see the cracks.

The actions and words of friends and family began to emerge as unsatisfactory. When everything slowed down I observed I was not present in my life. I showed up as a disheveled, happy, person and that is how I was treated.

Slowly as I awkwardly appeared my so called people dropped away like flies. One friend told me I could not talk to her about my skepticism about the vaccine. So I told her Goodbye. It is two years later and I have very few replacements.

In the Bay Area, in this Orwellian 2022, one had to have a vaccine passport to get into bars and restaurants. Until the war in Ukraine started. Then poof the pandemic was over and no one questioned anything. The strange thing is questioning the origin of Covid, or the effectiveness vaccine was and still is unacceptable.

At this point, I am firing George too. He is too depressing. I am waking out of his stupid depressing thought process. There are way more individuals who question the status quo. While I never thought I would be a fan of Elon Musk. I have hope that there are still some people interested in free speech. Meaning that we are all capable of deciding truth for ourselves.

Live and let live. Be kind and tolerant of each others differences and bam. I am now awake in a new realty of my making. Granted I have no friends and my heater is not working but ain’t life grand. But at least I am truly being myself.

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