Talken bout my New Years Revealation

So one could think that at some point I would acknowledge some of the comment writers. However that day is not here. While sitting in my favorite coffee shop today, I realized I am the only one in my simulation. And being the only one in my simulation has perks and deficits.

I’ma gonna talk about perks because as we all can read, I can pontificate for hours on deficits. The most important thing in this simulation is that I get the green smily face on readability. That little green smily face makes my fingers hit the keys with joy and complete satisfaction. The weird thing is that when I meander unconsciously writing the little green smily face seems to get brighter. As opposed to when I stop and think.

So my friends, who are just figments of my imaginational simulation, I have to putter on regardless of a point. Pointlessness is the most rewarding quality. As a painter, I find painting so much more difficult to meander pointlessly. As there is no little green smily face to lure me out of my hum drum brain and into the steam of consciousness. I am still a dog being programed by the approval of my website program. And on some level, I love it. Usually I pooh pooh anything that seems like it could be used by the main stream.

As most often the mainstream just drives me crazy. However getting back to the perks. The perks of today is that we are on the edge of a fantastic paradigm. Or maybe it is just me in my simulation. Regardless if you are real or not, there is a phenomenal paradigm I see mesmerizing into my reality. In fact for my new years revealation I am going to name my YouTube channel it.

Wait for it. Drum roll. “Crypto, Woo Woo, Art and Stella”. Crypto, Woo Woo, Art, and Stella incorporates all my interests, hopes and dreams. I love the idea behind bitcoin. I lost the green smily face so I had to back up. Anything occult, mystical and esoteric fascinates me. Art while I think too much as I do it, I find myself always wanting to create. And Stella is my new dog.

And that there it is my New Years Revealation. I am also going to do the other thing that is often associated with New Years but not use the mainstream name. Starting next year 2023, I am going to blog once a week, post a video once a week, and blau dah de blau twice a week. This includes tweets, Facebook, instagram posts and other ways to becoming more visible.

Or at least that is the plan as it is Capricorn season, which is always a good time to make a plan. A plan is something new for me. I have always ridden the peaks and valleys of life which has pretty much kept me exactly in the same spot. I have remained in the same spot that I was in yesterday, the day before that and well pretty much my whole life. So I am goin to do a plan and stick to it and see what happens. Have a wonderful new year and thank you for your comments! I do read all the ones in English and a bit of the ones in Spanish.

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