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New nft collection “Fly beneath the radar of weird

#83) “Fly beneath the radar of weird” of my new collection on Opensea @lighterheads

Its been a bit of time since I last posted. I have been working on a new nft collection. It’s funny that I was trying to come up with a way to sell my art more in line with art philosophy. And bam I discovered NFTs. I love the idea of decentralized platforms however navigating it has been hard without a support center to call. NFTS incorporate many good things for creators.

Number 1) The artist can set the contract. So I can add that I as the creator get a cut of the resale of my work. The buyer still gets 90% of the resale, and I get 10%. Why was it ever considered fair that the creator did not get a cut of resale. The old ways of gallery getting 50%, and the buyer getting all the profit when art went up in value is the definition of the staving artist. Good bye and good riddance to that horrible concept.

Of course, I cannot start small and learn as I go. Hell no, I like to take a running leap into the world of NFTs. So my new collection is launching tomorrow and I am barely holding on to my boots. So far I only have 80 of the 100 NFTs listed on Opensea, however I will get all ion them on by tomorrow or my collection will be smaller. I am going to start listing them in the morning. My promotion is a bit to be desired. But I am super ecstatic about the NFTs. They cool. I feel very proud to have put them out there.

Please check it out and now you can follow me on instagram @lighterheadsrule, YouTube @Lighterheads Twitter @lighterheads. Opensea.io @Fly Beneath the radar of weird. Thank you all for the lovely comments and I will be posting more often. Plus I have to make all my paintings NFTs so none are for sale now. Peace out and let the blockchain be with you!

#40 “Fly beneath the radar of weird” on Opensea @lighterheads
#29) Fly beneath the radar of weird” on Opensea @lighterheads
#21)”fly beneath the radar of weird” on Opensea @lighterheads

Buy one tomorrow on Opensea @lighterheads

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