Stella, being the alpha dog ain’t no picnic

I don’t really know her story. I just started fostering Stella, my favorite pitbull. Sometimes I think I am training her but most often it is the other way around. I was the fourth girl and through strange and unusual events, I remained at the bottom of the food chain. There were two more kids but because my younger brother died, my little sister was more like an only child.

Why is this important, because shit rolls downhill. So does not having a voice or the confidence to be seen and heard. Although my first therapist said that my disappearing act started way before my brothers death so what do I know. I will say that my first therapist was amazing.

She did not speak English well, which became her biggest asset. She watched and listened, not to the words coming out of my mouth but to my face and body. Anyway back to Stella. 2023 came with an abrupt B.I.D. Blessing in disguise. It was an extremely well disguised disguise. And I am still not sure if it is a B.I.D or yet another distraction to blame for not making money as an artist.

Long story short. I had a hell of a bad New Years Day. On the 3rd I got covid. I thought it was just a cold, until one night I could not figure out how I finally got rid of the smell from Stella. That is when I realized I could not smell…covid. On the 8th, I texted the dog foster people and told them that I had a fresh deep small cut on my finger that I had forgotten about when Stella attacked a raccoon on the 1st. Her face was a bloody mess and I had wiped the blood and taken off her leash with that hand.

Their reply was get to an emergency room asap. So I spent the January 8th, in th E.R. getting 3 shots of the rabies vaccine, with three more visits in the future to get the rest of my shots. It was not a wonderful way to start the new year.

Am I making another excuse or learning to be an alpha dog?

On walks with Stella, I have to be the alpha dog. I use to be a relaxed dog owner. The dogs I am use to do not seek to kill small animals like raccoons. The days of using a retractable leash are over. I have to keep Stella on a short leash and watch training videos. She cannot go out the door before me, as I am the alpha dog. We go at my pace and in the direction I want. It is a new role for me.

I am the alpha dog in my destiny not just on walks with a Pitt bull. The world will make room for me as I now know where I am going. In 2023, I am going to make good money as an artist. I am going be seen, heard and receive compensation for my creativity.

And that is exactly where you come in my friend. You can show your support by clicking the button below and contribute to this transformation for as little as $3.00. Yep you can make a difference in my life by showing you appreciate creative people. I appreciate any and all contributions. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.

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