“Fly into the Radar or Weird”

I entered this painting into the De Young Museum’s call to artist on June 5th. “Fly into the radar of weird” is based on my NFT collection “Fly beneath the radar of Weird” on Opensea.io. At this moment I am having a wallet complication. While I encourage you to view this collection, I encourage you to refrain from purchasing an NFT until I have fixed the problem. I will add a blog when it is a great time to purchase an NFT.

I made this NFT collection because I realized this technology is a blessing for all creators. The block chain is our future so it is best to grab hold of it now and help create a more decentralized, creator friendly space. It would be a mistake to allow the media and SEC to corrupt this exciting decentralized technology.

When I painted this painting I was planning to give it to one of the purchasers’ of my NFTS. However at this moment , I am a having a momentary problem with my wallet. So I have decided to leave it to fate. I will sell the painting or resolve the wallet problem and have an raffle. I like the idea of having a raffle and somebody winning a great painting. However at this moment I am going with what ever happens first.

Support the De Young Museum’s call to artist show

This acrylic painting on canvas is framed on copper piping. The frame is 62” X 62” and the painting is 53” X 53”. Decorated Half inch elastic bands connect the painting to the frame. The front character’s shorts are made from a vinyl material. I used beads for the eyewear, necklace, and waistband. It is stunning.

The themes of this painting are gender, color, robotics, NFT’s and being weird. Read any one of my blog posts or join my Patreon page @Lighterheads collaborations to support me and find out my views on these subjects.

I look forward to this painting being part of the show at the De Young Museum. It is wonderful that a Museum is having a “call to artists” and I hope it continues. The De Young Museum showing up and coming artists is a new and exciting era in our world.

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