Fly little butterfly. Fly!

As I lay in bed this morning I decided to stay on point. No astrological podcasts, or the wind were going to influence me. I was going to act not react. Do the uncomfortable things to get me where I want to go.

As I got out of bed my phone died. The charger had not worked and was still not charging. My phone occasionally has temperamental charging issues. I found one cord and three different plugs. I tried every configuration in different outlets around my house to no avail.

While I wanted to react and not walk my dog, or at least shorten her walk. I decided to follow my original plan and not allow any miscellaneous energies affect me. I calmed my “no phone” panic with thoughts that my world would survive for a few hours without me plugged in. So I walked my dog on our usual route as she loves the smells and needs to mark her spots. After our walk I put her in my car. I went in my house and got my stuff and the charger, just in case.

I get to the coffee shop, get my tea and plug in my phone. Wah la it starts charging. As I sit here plugged into the matrix I realize the truth. The truth is that I am a simulation in this completely made up world, and I want to stay here. For the first time in my life I can truly step back and say “Wow, what a strange and wonderful world.”

Step back and say”Wow, what a strange and wonderful world.”

For most of my life I allowed the wind, a pimple or a planet dictate my next step. While I thought I was going with the flow and living in the moment. What I was doing was being a victim. I lived in a reaction to my environment, people and the wind. I was afraid to take responsibility for becoming the person I want to be.

Being anonymous, hiding and blaming was my comfort zone. I liked conspiracy theories as I thought it made me edgy and intelligent. When it was just another excuse. Like this morning before my phone died I literally lost a job I was counting on. My mind wanted to panic. I remembered my intention and realized I was testing my resolve. My choice again was not to react.

While at any moment I could panic, I am trying something new. I am an artist @ My patreon page @ Lighterheads Collaborations. Twitter @ Lighterheads. It’s time to put myself out there and fly. Fly little butterfly. Fly

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