Miley Cyrus Commission!

I kinda agree with Phoebe Buffay on the movie It’s a Wonderful life. And yet I remember feeling happy after watching it. Somehow it reminded me of a recent phone conversation I had with one of my favorite people on the planet. After I got off the phone, I realized I did nothing but tell them all the bad things going on in my life. I did not mention my Commission of Miley Cyrus.

And the anvil fell on my head. I am ecstatically in love with my life right now. Yes, my dog, Stella peed on my carpet and I have been waging a war on the ammonia smell to no avail. However Stella is so funny, she makes me laugh everyday. She has this wonderful presence as she is the most perfect pitbull. She can’t walk without a scary teeter, which makes all kinds of people cross the street. In fear that she will attack them. Squirrels, cats are trully in danger but humans she could care less about unless they have food they want to share with her. She is a perfect companion.

And yes my eye is puffy and feels like I might have gotten some saw dust in it. Saw dust that is from a new commission of Miley Cyrus. A new commission, did ya hear me? A new commission! I am being paid to do what I love. Do a little dance. Sing a little song. And thank the universe for this blessing. The commissioner is really nice and super easy to work with. Plus I am excited about the painting. The commission of Miley Cyrus will be a 3d painting like my “Prince”.

I figured out a better more secure way to do the overhanging parts, like his hair. I used a thin piece of wood for the canvas, cut in two inches. Leaving the extensions.

As a result the overhanging parts are part of the wood canvas.

Once these parts are textured they will be more secure. Then I textured all the skin parts of the painting with Fixall. My next step is to finish the canvas by attaching thin wood panels around the edge on the back. After which I am going to texture the hair and clothes with fixall and Sheetrock tape. I am biting at the bit to do this as soon as possible, however I have to attend to all the other parts of being a successful, well paid artist. Mainly social media, this blog and my new Patreon Page where you can get all my videos and updates.

I am working on a video showing my process to put on Patreon. This is difficult as I started painting out of a need to escape the world. However I am evolving and am going to continue to show how I paint, create and make art.

So I ask myself why in my phone conversation did I not talk about my wonderful life. When my life is ideal, I have a new commission. I am facing challenges with success. Why did focus on the negative. Well my friends that has changed today. I am going to enjoy my successes, my triumphs and enjoy sharing them. I love making money from my joy of creating art.

So thank you for being here and reading this. I hope to see you on my Patreon page as it is a great way to get to know people. Have a wonderful life and remember to enjoy it!

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