Busy being tumbleweeds in the wind

Tumbleweeds rumbleing along

As a tumbleweed I am rambling along minding my own business. Moving so fast I forget to breath. I have no idea why I am here or where I am going. I see the other tumbleweeds rambling along. Going every which way the wind is blowing. Preparing, in case the wind changes to the undesirable direction. Complaining about this and that, and forgeting to breath.

Suddenly I find myself stuck in the undercarriage of a car. I can’t get out. I long for the rambling I never noticed or enjoyed. This new path has caught me. Everyday is the same. The same coffee shop, parking lot and garage. I get use to this life. In fact I convince myself I chose all these places until I am pulled out of the undercarriage. Pulled out and thrown on the side of the road.

Where I again find myself rambling along in the wind. Tangled bushes grab me. Stuck deep in the green foliage. Day after day I hear the waves crashing. Feel the hot sun and plan my escape. I create positive affirmations to create my dream life. Time passes. Plastic gloves free me. A huge gust of wind takes me.

I am rambling along again, missing the garage and the boring beach. Rolling this way and that. Prepared for the disaster ahead. I think about all the escape routes as I pass a stream in the mountains. Frustrated by the distraction of the birds chirping. I need to stay focused. Dreaming of a big fancy undercarriage, and the places it would go.

At first I wanted to end this with breathing and waking up, however I can’t do it. Life is messy and while we all want to smell the roses, sometimes its just a fart.

So laugh, giggle, sing and enjoy the fart, my friends.

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