Women Rock!

Nina, Grace, Esperanza, Seven Year Bitch and Patti Rock!

Today is International Women’s Day. And somehow I still find reasons to be like “WHAT?” However I am going to override my Pluto in virgo in the third house and be positive. Women Rock!

You may ask yourself “And when is this going to begin?” “Now” I say. “Ah Ahhh AH…. I love being a woman. I am just not sure I have ever adjusted to being human.” However I am going to be positive even if it takes me til tomorrow.

What makes me feel extremely happy is that scientists have just discovered that Hermes Trismegistus was a woman. She helped discover the internal technology to create the pyramids. They were created not by lifting the stones but by moving them with vibration.

Hermes Trismegistus not only created the pyramids but astrology and the occult knowledge. Ain’t that great. My foremothers were awesome. And then something happened and we lost our autonomy. Oh yes it is the whole Adam and Eve debacle.

Before Eve, Adam was with Lilith. Lilith was an autonomous woman who liked equality. Then along came Eve from Adam’s rib and wah la women became second class non autonomous members of society. Instead of being admired for our vibration, we started being admired for our looks and passivity to men.

Well that is why I love me some women rockers. Women musicians have a good vibration and rhythm. They just rock. So today on International Women’s day I am celebrating women musicians. Rock on, Girl ,Rock on. I guess tomorrow is a good day to start being positive!

Please contribute today on International Women’s Day, or any day you want to show your support for women who rock! Thank you!

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