Rapturous flowering bursts of Roses.

Rapturous Roses

Today started off stressed and completely unknown. Until some things became known and others turned into rapturous flowering bursts of roses. I was rummaging thru the back of my car trying to figure out the best strategy to deal with the chaotic morning, when a man stopped by and asked if I was having tire problems. “No, battery. I have been milking my almost worn out battery and think I broke my car.” I replied.

A new battery costs $300.00 of which I have not committed to yet. In fact, I am starting a Patreon page called Art, Woo Woo, crypto and Stella. Where subscribers will receive extra writings, classes and fun stuff. Launching on the Aries New Moon, March 21, 2023. It would be great to see you there.

Recently I discovered Hermes Trismegistus. Who is not only the source of most of the occult sciences but astrology is also attributed to him. I am not sure why it took me so long to stumble onto hermeticism, as I am finding it liberating and inspiring. Now that I have heard the words, it seems to come up in all my feeds. It’s probably just the algorithm. Ah Dah.

“Ah Dah” is a common phase I hear in my head by my angry, ostracized teenager persona. I have Lilith at 0.24 of Aries in my natal chart. This is a great placement for Lilith but it is the Maseratis placement. It takes more effort to learn, control, and evolve. I have lived in the lower aspects of my Lilith for most of my life. Fixated on Eve becoming the heroine of the garden of Eden, instead of the freedom I have to be free and completely autonomous being.

So while “Ah Dah” will often be my first thought, it will remind me that I am in my ostracized teenager mode. It is my choice to relish in it or change it. It’s hard to give up a place in myself that is so familiar and comfortable. Looking for miracles instead of injustice is a transition that takes continuous attention. And every now and again my “ah Dah” is a bit fun and cantankerous when I do it consciously.

I am looking for a new word or phrase to say in my head to express my new evolved unique Lilith self; the independently fully autonomous fabulous person. I am thinking “Petrichor”. The scent of the first drops of rain after a dry spell makes me think of rapturous flowering bursts of happiness. Although I am not sure I know the correct pronunciation so I am thinking “Hermes Trismegistus“. I like saying it, hearing it and reading it.

Getting back to the man, the car and the unknown problem. He said “Well, do you want a jump, I have a battery starter.” He had this small contraption with cables on it. “Okay! Let’s try it. Thanks! I said. Even though there were weird lights blinking when I tried to charge it with a moped battery charger. He hooked it up and wham it starts in seconds. It was a moment of rapturous flowering bursts of happiness.

I had not slept well the nite before as I had a long list of things I needed to do in a car. However the unexpected kindness of a stranger was delightful. Not only was I able to move my car for street cleaning, but I was able to get coffee, write this blog and get to my job. And for most of this blog I was writing in inspired action, granted I still edited it up. But I was in the moment for a moment. Bam. That’s all I got.

I hope you experience many rapturous flowering bursts of happiness in the coming days and weeks. Being helped or helping a random stranger, friend or community member. We are all on planet earth as far as we know, although it could be a figment of our simulation. But who cares celebrate your unique self, this unique time, and the uniqueness of others. There ain’t no problem we cannot solve together. Hope to see you on my upcoming Patreon page “Art, Woo Woo, Crypto and Stellaā€¯ launching March 21, 2023.

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