To be or not to be Status Quo.

Status Quo is evolving.

Hi! My name is Status Quo. I am not a man or a women as I am both a man and a woman. Some people love me, some people hate me, most people use me, however I am always in a state of flux.

People with a chip on their shoulders use me to create and maintain their chip. Sometimes I am salty, sometimes I am sweet. It all depends on whether my user is a sweet kind victim or a jealous wannabe victim. Users need me on a daily basis to blame for their bad choice, their isolation or their hair.

People with power use me to keep themselves in power. Sometimes it is an obvious abuse of power and sometimes it’s just making fun of the underdog. Users know it’s difficult to stick up for outrasizeqd people as the act calls attention. And bullies understand group dynamics and use fear to keep me in line.

Some people use me to promote their song, a product or a pharmaceutical drug and convince people to listen, buy or use these products. People in power hide their unacceptable agenda by using me to scare the crap out of people.

The thing I love best about being Status Quo is I am forever evolving. I think in my next version I am going to honor ingenuity. Fear is so 2020, so I think I am going to see ordinary people use me to ban together in ingenuity. I am unstoppable if people stop giving away their power.

I speak every language, have every skin color, am each gender and all combinations, have different believes but intrinsically know ingenuity and working together is the answer.

Thank you all for reading to this exact point.

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