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Current Show at Spressa Coffee Bar,

 41 Cambon St. San Francisco CA.    Featuring these Amalee originals.


These Amalee Original oil paintings are currently on display at Spressa Coffee Bar in San Francisco.   Stop by for some delicious coffee and check out these Paintings before it ends on August 20th.  These Amalee originals and handmade art tiles of them are available for purchase.
There is another show featuring different Amalee originals coming August 23rd.   The reception is Wednesday August 24, from 5p.m. to 8p.m. for the this show.  Come have a glass of wine and meet me.
If you are interested in certain products and want to make sure they are in stock when you visit. Email with this information.



“Hendi” is an original Amalee oil painting. It is oil on board 4ft X 4ft.

hendwebiPainted in 2015.


“I started “hendi” as a woman, but it became jimmy.  I painted the hand and the words. As I was working on the face, my internet was off and my daughter moved and left her DVDs with me.  I watched hendrix DVDs and it had to be him.”