“Cobain” a new comic grunge painting of Isa Amalee

As I stood in the grocery line on my taped X on the pavement, I reflected on a dream I had that morning. I started to get confused as to which was the dream and which was not.

The funny thing about my relationship to Kurt Cobain is that I hated his music when I first heard it. I was in the mist of raising babies when one of his songs came on the radio. I was insulted and disgusted by it’s lyrics. However after time and the realization that he wrote the song “Smells like Teen Spirit” and not Patty Smith, I began to understand his intent. He lyrically illuminates and annihilates the ills of our society. Then adds a melody and Bam he was brilliant.

He did not shy away from the taboo subjects of the day, he dove into them. I relate to him in that I too, am a generation X. After the baby boomer generation, we were hyper critical and nihilistic. And while a song can expose the horrors of our society because it is softened by the melody, visually it is too harsh. However I have finally figured out the comic style. Comics are both dark, light and everything in between without the judgement or pretense, its the melody.

For the fans of the musicians I paint, I like add some visual memorabilia. In this painting I put a couple of Nirvana happy face logos in the pen work. He looks like he is coming through a port window (death), from water (“Nevermind”). Sheet rock tape made his hair defined and grungy. The style is comic grunge.

In these times of home isolation there are 4 wonderful ways to help support my art. The first and very important, share my site with your friends, family and anyone you think might enjoy it. Second buy a print, PRINT ON SALE will take you to the options. The third way is made a donation as low as $3.00, DONATIONS will take you to your options. And finally buy the original painting, BUY ORIGINAL will take you to this option.

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