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I have finally realized that I need to appreciate the people who already love my art. By becoming a patron, you will receive original signed gifts that will increase in value as I become more well known as an artist. I love the idea that regular people can play the art game. By supporting my art because you feel inspired brings you the possibility of receiving benefits….this idea makes me extremely happy.

At this point in my artistic career I need patrons. Any and all contributions by my patrons are valued and appreciated whole hearted by me! I think supporting artists is the best way to insure a society that is inclusive and good for the earth.  Art in all forms make up the the important ambience to create connection with others and community.  Paintings, sculptures and music bring people together.  It is time to recognize this and start contributing to sites that make you think and here is your chance.  

You can check out the different levels of contribution by clicking on . What gifts and opportunities you will receive with contribution. 

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