Donations- In the time of the corona virus


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Donations are greatly appreciated!  In these times of living on our beautiful planet earth, we have to survive the difficult and exuberantly appreciate the wonderful.  While we are all confused as to what is going on, the one thing we can appreciate is we are still here. Our beautiful and wonderful planet is still revolving around the sun. If you are reading this then you are still here. So while I cannot get out and sell my art products, or work as a caterer to make money, I can still make art. I am asking you wonderful people who are here with me, if you have a little extra, please donate. 

I will create a patron page soon. Mostly so I can give back.  I video taped myself painting my painting of Cobain.  At this point I am in the mist of transforming my website. Basically for three reasons – 1) I am running out of paint and it is difficult for me to buy paint online. Only because I need the good colors and they are expensive. 2) I am in the show Reflections at Arc Gallery, and I am hoping to have more visitors to my site. 3) I would appreciate earning a living from my craft.

Any and all contributions are valued and appreciated whole hearted by me! I think supporting artists is the best way to insure a society that is inclusive and good for the earth.  Art in all forms make up the important ambience to create connection with others and community.  Paintings, sculptures and music bring people together.  It is time to create the world we envision and that goes for me too. I continuously ask myself what is my vision. It is easy to complain about what we don’t want but it is a whole different cup tea to think about what we do want. And it is time. my friends. it is time.

 Donate now if you can, my friends! 

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