To Paint or not to paint

Somehow I find my happiness not in this reality. I find it in dreams, imagination and painting. Having my sun and mid heaven in Pisces could be why. Or I could just be tortured by the real world because I am lazy. However I am not lazy, I just cannot understand humanity at this moment.

Finally I am learning to love the magical whimsy in my sole. Although I am not there yet, as I still have problems with the idiotic details of living. Jupiter is now transiting Pisces making paying tolls and cleaning my house even more difficult.

I know the secret answer is reveling in my idealistic dreaminess and setting up a strict day to deal with the details. Especially over the next three months when Jupiter is going to be joining Neptune at my midheaven.

Which reminds me of my dilemma to paint or not to paint. Of course I am going to paint as the only reason I would quit painting is when I am dead. That being said I want my paintings to magically make me money while I just paint. I cannot figure out the how to deal with the selling.

I also have a problem with galleries and rich people making profits off of my art while I get nothing when they grow in value. Crypto, I thought was the answer but by the time the sheepal finally figure it out the greedy Yuck yucks will have figured out a way to centralize it.

Granted while I want to make my paintings into NFTs, I would rather paint. And creativity is always going to win out over details when Jupiter is in Pisces. You may think I have realized this for a long time but no. I just realized it as for the first time in two years I got 2 bide toll violations with penalties.

I lost a car to Bridge toll violations, so believe me when I say I do not like details. My other problem is I do not like the way we have set up society so I do not do the reasonable things like get a fast trek account. I came into this world with an odd ball brain that cannot do the normal thing.

Odd ball artists become famous after death and make the rich richer. Maybe if I do not get the million dollars while I live, I will just burn all my paintings on my death bed. That would be fitting because there is this little brat inside my dreamy self. A little brat that wants to flip off the followers and status quo.

If one cannot trust their own authority and has to give it away to the politicians, the media, and the mean girls, I say fuck em. But then I find myself painting musicians. And on one hand it is lame as they are usually famous and part of popular culture. However they are usually strange and do something weird, or at least the ones I like.

Plus I find painting about the un just things in our world sad and not fun to look at. Musicians can say the most horrible truth and put a good melody and bam it’s a hit. So musicians are the melody in my paintings. Like my band series: Carlos Santana’s “Maria, Maria”, Seven year bitch’s “29,000 miles to go”, and Metallica’s “Whiskey in a jar”.

One might say that “Whiskey in a Jar” is not part of my theme, but fuck that I think it is. And I am da painter.

So my latest Rock star is Freddie Mercury. I was influenced by the movie even though I haven’t seen it yet. I mostly picked him because recently I had a show at The Academy in San Francisco. A beautiful chic place where my art shines, and I can hang a few small pieces in the bar downstairs.

I started this new thing that I would paint five paintings of the same image. I suppose I am always trying to find my style although I already have one. And so far it has been fun. I painted Freddy Mercury in my style, and one in a Klimt Painting. Now I gonna do the reverse image as I think they will look cool on a wall together. Then I wanna do an Freddy Mercury in an Otto Dix Or George Gross painting. I love the German expressionist. Had they only had a melody they would be in more museums.

That’s it for now gotta go paint…..

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