“Seven Year Bitch- riot grrrl” an Amalee Original

This Amalee Original Of “Seven Year Bitch” is *ucking Fantastic

I saw her across the room, standing alone talking to herself. I looked up from the mirror and thought I’d seen a Ghost. A ghost of the future? past or present? The answer floated away like a cloud on a sunny day. As always I began searching for something, which I always find. One distraction or another to linger in so I do not have to face my questions. Who am I? What am I here for? What do I want? Am I Truman in my own show where I am the audience, filmer, and subject.

Who knows? Not me. Although sometimes I see the scientists smirking in the corner of my vision. Sort of like dust. Dust in the air that you can only see when the light is just right. I brought people into this world and I am always practicing having advice. Until I realize it is me I am talking to. They are them. Having a bit to do with how I see them but mostly not. I see a mirror image of myself and glue their face on it.

Again the scientists smirk. Someday I am going to catch the scientists in my illusion of myself and punch them. Yes I will probably wake up with a black eye, but but but who cares? As I am the scientist and the subject in this long drawn out walk to the mountain top.

About this Painting Of “Seven Year Bitch- Riot grrrls”

It was during the pandemic of 2020, when I started painting the band paintings. Starting with “Metallica“, my next painting in this series is “Seven Year Bitch”. I based most of the painting on the you tube video 24,900 miles an hour.

It was kinda an angsty time and it somehow calmed me to paint an angsty video. I love the video, it reminds me of how far we have come and yet how far we have to go to. And yet there is always the question of quantum realty. Am I a wave or a particle if I am not measured. Do we create our reality by what we want or don’t want. See or don’t see. I have no clue. Regardless the band Seven Year Bitch was a fascinating project. I believe it is an interesting painting that will attract all my hopes and dreams.

Again, like my “Metallica” painting I had the most difficulty capturing the guitarist in the front left corner. Stefanie Sargent, the lead guitarist took me many tries to get the final image. Soon I will make a video clip about the different stages of making the painting. The painting is acrylic on a 48″ X 36″ wood panel with 3/4 inch sides. The Original is still available. Or there are signed prints made by me-Available Here.

Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for more interesting paintings!

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