“Metallica”-Whiskey in the Jar an Amalee Original

$10,344.00 $8,978.00

“Metallica” Whiskey in the Jar -is an acrylic painting on a 48″ X 36″ wood panel.  The image wraps around the one inch sides.  I finished this painting in July 2020.  If you are able to pick it up in the Bay Area, save $500.00.  Schedule a Zoom Meeting to work out the details of this great investment.

With any investment of this size it is good idea to schedule a Zoom Meeting  for $100.00. Meet the artist,  check out the details .  The $100.00 will be reduced from the sale price.  Better for both of us.  If you love this painting schedule your Zoom Meeting now!


This painting of Metallica is fun and kinda raunchy, just like “The Whiskey in a Jar” video.  I love the close up of James Hatfield.  He looks sweet.  I like the contrast of a sweet singing metal singer.  I painted the drummer  Dave Mustaine, and bassist Robert Trujillo early and liked my renditions. It took me a long time to get Kirk Hammett, in the way I liked. In one version he reminded me of Picasso, however it seemed a little blue period so I tried again.  While I liked the idea of a depressed version of Kirk Hammond, It did not seem to match his Metallica Persona so I went back into the video.  And found a version that captured his happy, cocky attitude so wah la it was done.

If you love Metallica, you gonna love this Painting.  If you are part of Metallica, you gonna love this painting.  It is fun and captures the feeling of the “Whiskey in a Jar” and if I may say “Never cared for what they say.” It’s glorious. Buy it today and get your holiday price on.

Best to set up a Zoom Meeting for me and you. We get to work out all the details of the purchase and make sure we are on the same page. $100.00 for Zoom Meeting  is taken off price.






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