Angela Davis – The most phenomenal human alive!

While I can never understand what it was like to be a black woman in the sixties, I respect Angela Davies for her fierce life.  She stood up for her beliefs.  Which is hard to do at any time.  Today you get banned for social media, but in the sixties you were killed.  I am looking forward to a movie about Angela Davis.  She is an icon, a scholar and a teacher.   I am not demeaning the recent movie “Black Panther” because it is great to have a black super hero movie. However when I saw the title, I thought finally a movie about the Black Panther movement. So maybe I was a bit disappointed.

This painting was super fun and beautiful just like Angela.  I possibly over stepped with the black panther fist in her hair, made from African symbols for words like hope, strength, justice equality and more.  Yes I know I overstepped as a white woman but it was just so perfect.  Plus I used the photo from her FBI most wanted poster.  It has taken me for ever to realize that I have a style that is so mine. That me as who I am sees things the way I do.  And my painting “Angela” captures this.

I do romanticize her life, as I said it was a dangerous time for anyone fighting for equality. Especially black women. I love all people who fight for equality for all people. Our “lack” culture creates division, poverty, war, and all the isms. So while she may have a more truthful understanding of her life, I find my version fascinating and again apologize for any naivety.

I had a class taught by Angela Davis  called “Women and Prison” at S.F.S.U.  Not only was the material fascinating and pertinent but as a speaker she is brilliant.  She speaks with melodic voice and her cadence pulls you in.  I almost did not care what she saying, but her words were so interesting I was able to hear them on all levels. It was a pleasure being taught by my hero.

This painting  captures my romanticized version of her life, her struggle and her bravery. She is one of the most phenomenal human beings on the planet.  I cannot wait for the movie of her life.

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