“Nina Simone” An Amalee Original, soul of a genius!


Wonderful painting of Nina Simone, which captures this amazing iconic beautiful talented human.  This Amalee Original Is offered at the extremely low price of 6,854.00.  A major investment that will only go up in value, if you could stand to part with it. Check out the details of this beautiful painting and schedule a Zoom Meeting now.

If you love this image of Nina Simone purchase a signed giclee print today.Nina Simone print

This Nina Simone Original painting captures this amazing iconic beautiful talented human.  While many people during her time would settle, she would not. She was her talented self with absolutely no apologies, no trying to fit in, nothing.  She moved to Europe, where she had a successful career.

I make no apologies either.  I painted this painting in a live painting session at Spressa coffee bar in my neighborhood.  If you want this beautiful original, at this time it is only $6,854.00, shipping included.  I realize that you may want to wait to buy it, however it will only go up.  As I begin to be noticed it will at the smallest moment quadruple.  So buy it now, as soon as I can I will start adding a resale percentage  which will go to the non profit agency of your choice.  Also none of my work will ever hang in a space that charges people who do not have a lot of extra income.

I make no apologies. I will not be part of an art world that does not give to non-profits and charges lower income people to see art.  Art is for all people and it is time Museums, cities and the wealthy accept this. Like Nina Simone I will not tolerate being part of status quo when there are better ways to live.  I can’t say I know all the answers, I only know myself, my art and my expectation.

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