Original Painting Pricing Statement

The prices of my original paintings are based on the high quality my work and the current laws. I am willing to negotiate these prices during a Zoom Meeting. My original paintings prices will receive a large price reduction if the purchaser is willing to sign a document that entitles 8% of the profit of the resale of the original painting to my estate.

Visual artist unlike composers, filmmakers or writers, do not receive a share of any future sales under copyright law. Unlike many countries the United States ruled on July 9, 2018, ending a seven year debate. Giving visual artists no royalties. As a visual artist this does not fly. I will collect a reasonable price upfront and be part of the movement to change this unfair law.

As I believe that arts and non profits create a wonderful community, I would like to add a discount for a percentage going to a non profit too. While this is just a an added bonus, I believe it would make both the purchaser and myself happy. I want to live in a society that promotes the arts and social justice so please schedule your Zoom Meeting today.