List of Community Arts Organizations For Donation

These wonderful organizations are on my donation list. I would like to include more non profit arts organizations for social justice. There are two ways you can help to add more organizations. The first is to email me the name and website of the organization. While I am the only employee of amaleeart, it may take me a bit of time to do this so have patience. The second is we can discuss it when you schedule your Zoom Meeting. While I will still have to check out the arts program, I would be happy to direct the funds to any viable social justice arts programs.

Art and community working together can create a society that is beautiful inside and out. A society that supports diversity and social justice. Check out my pricing policy. Here are the community arts organizations I have so far:

Regina’s Door– An Oakland based grass roots small business that rescues Oakland’s trafficked children and helps them find their footing through resources and public art programs.

East Oakland Youth Development Center-An East Oakland community organization that holds space for community arts, mentorships, and wellness programs for kids. They do lots of public arts projects, including murals. They are part of the new Black Zone building in Oakland.

Destiny Arts– A very respected youth arts empowerment programing organization.

Demensions– Is a comprehensive educational outreach program serving primarily youth ages 8-18 years in throughout the East Bay. The program offers free classes in Oakland Public schools, and year round low cost classes after school, on Saturdays, and during the summer at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts.

Grown Women Dance Collective– Is an amazing organization who’s mission is to help create social justice through arts and wellness.