“Horn Man” an Amalee Original Oil Painting


“Horn Man” the original Amalee  oil painting is painted on a 21″ X 36″wood panel. The image wraps around one inch sides.  I love painting on wood because the wood grain creates lovely patterns.  This great Mardi Gras painting at this time is priced at $2,654.00.

Set up a Zoom Meeting today.  Meet The artist, see the details of the painting, work out shipping and any discounts and donations.  Free shipping or local pickup discount is $300.00. $600.00 of the sale price will go to a Mardi Gras non profit that we decide on in a Zoom Meeting. Book it today, the $100.00 will be deducted from the price.

This great Mardi Gras painting at this time is priced at $2,654.00.


One Night after work I was on my way home from work and ran into a Mardi Gras marching band.  They ended up stopping at the bus stop on the side of the Boom Boom room on Filmore.  It was an amazing unexpected gift. I danced, I laughed and took some great pictures that night.  The horn man is one of those talented musicians that played that night. Somehow I wish he could get the credit but at the same time he represents the millions of talented musicians who just do their thing.  I think he might be my favorite painting representing all the unknown hero of talent and creativity.

I painted this painting probably in a day. It just flew out of me. And for that and the many musicians this sax player represents, I am going to give $600.00 of the price of this painting to some music Mardi Gras organization that sponsors kids. Schedule a Zoom Meeting, meet the artist, see the details of this painting, work out discounts and help decide on the right non profit for the $600.00.

Now that’s what I call Mardi Gras! Celebrating art, music and people!


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