“Hendi” an Amalee Original-genius rocker


This beautiful oil painting is on a 48″ X 48″ wood board.  Framed with a black floating frame.  I completed this Painting in November 2014, just in time for his birthday.

The price of this painting is $11,656.00, shipping included. If you are able to pick up the painting in the Bay Area save $500.00.  Save $1,500.00 to buy it as an NFT, which means you have to schedule a zoom meeting to inspire me to make it into an NFT.  Schedule a Zoom Meeting now to work out the details, another $150.00  will be deducted from the  price.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting Today if you are interested in this great store of value.  We can meet and work out all the details.

“Hendi” is a beautiful oil painting, painted on a 48″ x 48″wood panel with one inch sides.  It is framed with a small black floating frame.

I got the idea one New Years Day. I was at an outdoor dance party and my friend was smoking a cigarette.  And I thought The extended hand to flick the ashes would fit in with my interest in perspective.  So I painted the hand with the cigaret, the words and the hair, then let it sit for a while.  I had visualized in my head that the person was going to be a woman. However after watching a dvd of Woodstock, I realized it had to be Hendrix.  I had to mix two photos of him because the one I liked had been edited to get rid of the real.

The original price for this painting was 11,656.00.  I have always had a problem with the business model of the art world.  It is fine if art is a store of value that increases for the visionary person who sees its worth.  My problem is that the artist, the creator gets nothing of the increase in value.

This only plays into the starving artist crap.  So I was trying to figure out a more artist friendly business model when I developed this website.  Now I have discovered NFTs, and how they solved many of the problems.  The problem now is that I am more of a creative type than a technical type. So the idea of changing all my art into NFT’s is on the to do list.  Right along side clean my house, buy toilet paper and basically do the boring details of life.

Oh and I wanted to create a bridge to support community with art.  Granted reading some of my stuff, I now think I might be just a tad bit insane.  Which could be another selling point.  Who knows. My point is I know it is a great painting and is an extremely good store of value so I will give ya $1,500 off to buy it as an NFT.  Either buy it or set up a Zoom Meeting and we will work out the NFT, 1,500.00 discount and shipping.



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