“Hendrix” an Amalee Original-genius rocker


This beautiful oil painting is on a 48″ X 48″ wood board.  The image wraps around the one inch sides.  I completed this Painting in November 2014, just in time for his birthday.

The price of this painting is $11,656.00, shipping included. If you are able to pick up the painting in the Bay Area save $500.00.  $1,700.00 of the purchase price will go to support a Community Arts Program of your choice.  Schedule a Zoom Meeting now to work out the details, $150.00   will be deducted from the  price.  Read my pricing policy for more deductions.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting Today if you are interested in a great investment.  We can meet and work out all the details.

Hendrix (originally named Hendi) is a beautiful oil painting, painted on a 48″ x 48″wood panel with one inch sides.  The image wraps around the one inch sides and does not need framing.

To myself,  I call this Painting Hendi instead of Hendrix. The truth is it is like my family member painting.  I price it high because I love it.  I cannot stand letting him go and yet I will for a price that includes paying me to let it go.  At this moment you can get this painting at 11,656.00.  And while any art person would say as an unknown artist “I should not charge that much.”  What I say to them is “That is a bargain!”  Schedule a Zoom Meeting now. We need to meet face to face to work out all the details of before making this purchase. Receive a discount of $150.00 for the meeting.

Pay the $11,656.00 for this beautiful painting. shipping included. For local pickup the price will be reduced $500.00 for no shipping cost.  $1,700.00 of the purchase price will go to a community arts organization of you choice. With any great investment it is good to meet the artist and work out the pricing details, schedule a Zoom Meeting.  Check out my pricing policy for more discounts. I look forward to meeting you!


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