“Jazz Musician Grace Kelly” an Amalee Original

$4,564.00 $3,564.00

This Classy painting of Sax player-Grace Kelly is on sale now. It captures the amazing style of an iconic jazz musician.  This acrylic painting is on a wood canvas of 23.5 inches X 29 inches, with a depth of 1 inch.  This painting is a great investment as it will only increase in value.  $3,564.00 is a steal. I finished this painting in 2019.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting to meet the artist, see the details up close, and work out the payment details.  Shipping is included, and if you can pick it up take off $400.o0 of the price.  Or pick it up and donate the $400.00 to music scholarship program.  Schedule a Zoom Meeting today.



This Great portrait of Sax player Grace Kelly is awesome.  I painted it as I did not have many Millennials.  I wanted to do women playing instruments, I like the saxophone. Grace Kelly was a dynamic player.  I blended different images of her and tilted it to capture the grove.  It was a bit difficult to get the hands big and yet feminine.

Grace Kelly is an unequivocal musical prodigy, singer-saxophonist-songwriter-composer and band leader.  She has rocked the jazz world with sold-out concerts and is a very talented musician.  This painting is beautiful and captures the moves of this phenomenal Musicain.

It is a Great investment at $3564.00.  Schedule a Zoom Meeting today, to meet the artist, see the details, and receive all the discounts for the meeting, local pick up.


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