“Toulouse and Egon Frolicking” An Amalee Original

“Egon and Toulouse Frolicking”

“Toulouse and Egon, Frolicking In Bed, As Women” An Amalee Original.

I started this painting with the desire to paint another soft beautiful painting but something went haywire.  I somehow ended up on this time strand where a horrible entertainer became president.  So instead of feeling cozy, it made me want to be ironic.  I realize it might only be funny to me but as I continue to grabble with loving myself, thats good enough. Thats Good Enough!

As a person, who is a painter, I gets to do what I wants.  My favorite painters this week are Toulouse Lautrec and Egon Schiele.   The painting was already started as a man and a woman in bed (how boring).  So when the unthinkable happened, I realized I was still painting for the approval of other people and had to stop.   I changed my favorite painters into women frolicking in bed.  I used a self portrait of Egon for the blue headed woman and his drawing style.  The red headed woman’s face and boots are from self portraits of Toulouse, and I shortened his lower legs.  The perspective is mine or maybe from a picture from the internet, who can say for sure.

The style is kinda a new one and yet pulls elements from my Working Women Series.  This series is darker humor with a more calculated criticism of society. While I love this series and I think it is brilliant, it is also a bit too depressing to always be critical. Here is a sampling of that series.

“The Wellfare Woman” 1991 An Amalee Original


"The Prostitute" 1990 An Amalee Original
“The Prostitute” 1990 An Amalee Original


"The Housewife Mother" 1990 An Amalee original"
“The Housewife Mother” 1990 An Amalee original”

I think “Toulouse and Egon Frolicking” is fun and funny while at the same time loving the freedom.  Freedom to choose your gender, freedom to be in love with a woman or a man, freedom to paint what makes me laugh.

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