“Tracy Chapman” An Amalee Original Painting

Beautiful Painting of "Tracy Chapman" An Amalee Original
“Tracy Chapman” An Amalee Original

“Tracy Chapman ” An Amalee Original.

To be completely honest I never know anything for sure.  I am never sure whether I am a talented artist or just a person who needs to paint.  There is part of me that believes those are one and the same and yet there is the same amount of me that believes the opposite.  I suppose this might be due to the fact that as a child I never learned to trust myself.  I am not blaming my family for I had, for the most part, a wonderful family. However my brother died at the age of four of an aneurism.  After pleading with my parents that I was actually sick and he was faking it, he went off to Sunday school and I never saw him again.  

I never saw him again dead or alive. While me and my family survived this trauma, I did not get therapy until  this year.  I banished a part of myself when he died and this left me unable to trust anything including myself.  So while I love this painting, I question why I cannot have one style.

Is it true talent that I have to paint whatever I need to paint the way I feel it or is it just A.D.D. And does it matter.  If it satisfies me, what do I care if  I satisfy the fucking “Art World”!

While I find undefinable satisfaction  in painting, I want monetary compensation.  I refuse to believe the starving artist myth.  It might be a reality for me at this moment but I think it is crap.  I am going to do everything in my power to make some money.  You can help me.  Buy my art products online and at the different events around the Bay Area.  You cannot find these products in the big chain stores.  Thank you for your support.

 “Tracy Chapman” An Amalee Original is comic fine art.”



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