“Cobain” An Amalee Original Oil Painting


“Cobain” An Amalee Original Oil Painting.

Beautiful oil painting of Kurt Cobain that captures his spirit and sensitivity.  Any Nirvana fan would be elated to own this painting, which celebrates  ‘Nirvana: MTV Unplugged in New York’.  As the artist I would miss him but I have to begin to let my paintings go. There are also art greeting cards and art tiles of this painting.

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“Cobain” An Amalee Original Oil Painting”

This beautiful oil painting of Kurt Cobain is on wood.  This image is from the youtube video Unplugged MTV. While watching the video, I would stop it and take a photo with my phone.  I love this image because it shows the intimacy of Kurt and his guitar.  His hands and face created a perfect image. I enlarged his hands because that is my thing and it works.

The painting is 24 inches length and 17.5 inches width and 1.25 deep.  I feel like his spirit came to me because it was so easy, as if I was just painting a painting that was meant to be.  His sensitivity and intimate spirit were captured in this painting.  A man so talented and sensitive for this world.  He is wearing his old beloved sweater that he wore at ‘Nirvana: MTV Unplugged in New York’ .  I will miss this painting but I have to let it go.

 Be the lucky visionary and buy “Cobain” An Amalee Orignal, that will only increase in value. $986.00 (shipping and handling  included in U.S.A.)

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Dimensions 32 × 24 × 1.25 in