Bill Murray- “I’m a god, not “thee” god.” an Amalee Original

The thing about the movie “Ground hog Day” is sometimes I wish I could have a redo and there are times I think am in a continuous redo.  Maybe these two things are true for us at the same time. Possibly if we do not examine the way we see the world and how we participate in it, we will continuously be in our own redo.   It would be so much easier to figure it out if we got ten years to redo the same day.

While it seems getting the girl is the thing that stops the redo in Groundhog day, he also develops many relationships, helps people, learns to play jazz piano.  He basically starts to question his place in the world, why he exists at all.

After thinking about my redo, I am beginning to  glimpse how I create my life.  In therapy I learned that I have to go through the hard scary feelings instead of avoiding them.  I feel like this is beginning to reset my neuro pathways and  will eventually free me from my redo.

I do want good relationships.   Not only with my lover, but with my friends, family and myself.  I want to paint paintings that make me feel satisfied. Maybe that is the point of Groundhog day, its about understanding how to be in the moment.  If we had ten years of the same day it would be easier to realize how our injuries create our vision which affects how we manifest our reality.  wowzer bowzer! I mean I heard that twenty thousand times but it is exciting to possibly almost understand it.

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